My trip to Italy

          Amercian Liberia
Airbus A320
1hr and 5minutes
depart from Paris France at:6:30
Arrive at :7:40                                        cost of the flight #  254

        My trip to Itlay must be cool because I'm staying in a hotel Augusta Lucilla Palace hotel Rome $174 per night 3 day witch is $177 for three days and it's next to via massimo D. Azegglio 24 Rome 00184 it's a nightbordhood there store around it and there hotels everywhere and you can see that there a lot of people that live in this nightbordhood.And then im going to see Rome Empire and i learn that excavation throughout Italy reveal a modern human presence dating back to the palaeolithic period of time 20,000 years ago . Then they also say that Rome the capital of Italy was for centuries of political centre of western civilsation as the capital of the Roman Empire But i need my flight from Paris France to Itlay in the airplane lberia # 5720 depart from Paris France at 6:30pm  and arrive there at 7:35pm sign in my cool getto hotel next to all these people houses then after i sign in all well go to my room #32 next to some cool people then im going to change then put some thing cool to walk around and see how do people live Italy.

            Then go to sleep and then the second day go and see the studium of Italy the taxi charge me 30 dollars and im left with 19,109 dollars then go to the food store and buy me some food for 3 days like some chips, some things that i can eat easy with out doing every thing.Then get to my hotel and play some xbox 360 that i brought form Dallas Texas then go to sleep again then get my things together and pack up what i need go down stairs and eat free food that the hotel gave me for staying for 3 days. Wake up in the morning and eat some brakfreast wait into to the after noon and eat some of the pasta that they make in Italy Then go to the pool and swim then go to the stores and buy some things that my parents told me to get for them. Then go to sleep again and wake up at 10:00 and leave at 10:00 to leave to Madrid ,Spain.

Here are some of the Italy Repubblica Italiana counrty and places of Italy.

These place was one of the place were people use to fight for there live aganist other people that wanted to live too. Then these one of the places were things that never ever some one saw before.